Pressure ulcer prevention tool

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Momo Medical

Pressure ulcers are a problem with a major impact on the quality of care and can put the healthcare budget at jeopardy. The estimate is that 1 in 5 patients in hospitals develops an ulcer. Once pressure sores have developed, healing takes a long time and can sometimes no longer be curable.

Hence why prevention is essential. Within this context, mobility is important in order to avoid pressure ulcers. Alternating posture is a proven method to improve mobility in bedridden patients. In practice, however, it appears that carrying out a good balance is a challenge: the effect is not immediately visible and the pressure on healthcare is high.

The Momo BedSense, developed by Momo Medical, is an innovative solution in the form of a sensor plate that is placed under a mattress. The sensors measure movements and an algorithm provides insight into the movement and changes and postural changes of the patient. All this combined with the simplicity and ease of use for nurses in mind. The time until next repositioning is indicated by a lighted circle. In this way changing position can be processed better in the daily routine.

Optionally, the system can give notifications on the nursing call system. The Momo BedSense enables the nurse to measure the changing position, to better fit into the routine, and to receive notifications when changing position is really needed.

This investment was made by Innovation Fund FundIQare: a partnership of investors. Partners are Fundis, regional development company for Zuid-Holland InnovationQuarter and Noaber Foundation (via investment arm Noaber Ventures). The initiators focus on innovations that improve the quality of life for vulnerable elderly, chronically ill and / or caregivers.