Driving change improving health

Nice: Noabership, Impact, Collaboration and Entrepreneurship

These are the elements of our DNA. We are there for our neighbors and what we do must have impact. We like to work together with partners in our programs and participations. An entrepreneurial attitude is important, we think. With this DNA, we want to improve health and stimulate change.


We program our projects. This means that we think in terms of program objectives and seek out projects and initiatives. We limit the number of programs. Moreover, they have a coherence. Characteristically, they are all intended to change systems.

Our programs


We invest in meaningful companies within the focus of Noaber and with a relevant contribution on quadruple aim. Across Europe and sometimes beyond. We have a preference for early stage initiatives to which we can make an active contribution. We do this because we believe that our knowledge, experience, network and portfolio can reinforce each other and together contribute to the goal of driving change and improving health.

Our participations