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Cockpit in the operating room

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NewCompliance developed a modular dashboard that can be set up on a screen in Operating Rooms (OR’s) and on which a variety of data, protocols and measured values from different information systems are collected and clearly displayed. This ‘cockpit’ detects when a certain value deviates from the agreed protocol.

The real time, complete, visible and accessible information during the operation, ensures better compliance with safety, treatment and hygiene protocols. This is particularly important in order to prevent so-called Adverse Events (AE):  complications. 65% of the AE’s are caused by surgical procedures. The most common complication is the Surgical Site infection (SSI), a postoperative wound infection. Use of the NewCompliance’s cockpit results in fewer SSI’s, as well as other avoidable errors, and leads to a better outcome of treatment and thus improved patient health.

In addition, NewCompliance offers analysis tools that compare surgeries, resources used, protocols, surgeons/professionals involved, etc., based on required time, clinical outcomes and associated costs.

Based on these data, the quality, procedures and planning of the OR’s can be optimized.