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Rockstart Digital Health: open for applications

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Rockstart Digital Health

Are you building a digital health company and are you passionate about making a sustainable impact on people’s health? Join Rockstart's Digital Health Accelerator program where they help you build, validate and scale your digital health startup and find the best international product/market fit.

Rockstart Accelerator Digital Health is a 180-day intensive startup accelerator program for 10 startups – located in Nijmegen, the Netherlands – with direct access to over +70 mentors and key partners including Radboud University Medical Center. Rockstart helps you better understand product design, market fit and business models by enabling you to directly work with patients, professionals and other stakeholders. 

Application deadline
December 12 - 2017

Selection Days
January 10-12 - 2018

Start: February 13 - 2018
End: August

Themes/areas of interest

Rockstart believes that a thesis-led approach allows us to attract a cohort of startups that fit well together – startups that are trying to solve similar problems and thus facing the same challenges. The themes below outline the areas that excites the Accelorators, but they are also open to a hybrid combination of these themes or new areas that may not be listed here.

Noaber Foundation is a partner of Rockstart Accelerator Digital Health.