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Lifestyle and vital heart?!

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Vital heart

Approximately 1.4 million Dutch people currently live with cardiovascular disease, the majority of which could benefit from more (healthy) years of life through a healthier lifestyle. The risk of cardiovascular disease can be significantly reduced by healthier eating, drinking, sleeping, etc. This also applies to people who have already had a heart attack, a stroke and/or similar, but this is obviously easier said than done.

For those who are unable to adjust their lifestyle by themselves, lifestyle interventions are increasingly being sought: combining goals, measures and assessment, rewarding good behavior, individual and group supervision and tools such as apps, workbooks, games. The science of lifestyle interventions is in full development and effective interventions are still too expensive to truly reach enough people.

Food Nutrition develops and designs programs. Most of these programs are hybrids. This means that they consist of both physical guidance components and support from digital online resources. This project is in respect ofthe "Vital Heart" program. Here, an intervention is developed and tested for people with an increased risk of cardiovascular illness and forms of webinars, e-coaching and apps are tested, as ways to reduce the costs of such interventions without sacrificing results.


Food Nutrition Foundation (Voeding Leeft)