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Think.Health a German pledge fund

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Think.Health is a German fund that invests in early-stage healthcare ventures. It focuses primarily on digital healthcare companies. Medtech and services are not excluded, but because of their capital-intensive nature, these are not obvious choices. Biotech is excluded, as are investments in (B2C) unregulated wellness & lifestyle solutions.

The fund focuses on German companies and participates for € 750k to 2 million per company in seed and early series A rounds for 20 to 30%. For initial, smaller seed rounds, they do not need to have a co-investor. They may be open to this at a later stage, as long as they are in the lead. Their coaching approach focuses on fast profitability and on limiting the need for funding.

Think.Health is not structured as a traditional fund, but as a pledge fund. This means that investors make a soft commitment to invest a certain amount. When Think.Health intends to make an investment, they do so enabling their investors to participate pro rata their soft commitment in that company.


The first investment we made within Think.Health, is Myo.

Myo provides a communication platform for healthcare institutions (~ 17,100 in Germany) that enables professionals to communicate securely with caregivers. This includes information on the organization, care coordination , medical information and the exchange of photos that help caregivers become more involved in the care process and that make visible the activities that nurses undertake.

Currently, WhatsApp is primarily being used for this communication. However, due to privacy and security reasons (GDPR), this is now no longer permitted. Myo is ISO certified and GDPR compliant. This means there is a great need for a solution like this.