Digitization of care paths

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Soulve Innovations

Many patients have little insight into the course of their disease process and treatment. This is exacerbated, among other things, by the large number of documents used in a disease treatment process.  At the same time, it is not always clear for practitioners at which point the patient is in their treatment and when the next step will be taken. This occurs even with the existence of the so-called care pathways.

Soulve lnnovations (Soulve) has developed an application (Medimapp) that digitalizes care pathways, both for the patient and for the practitioner. For health care organizations, this contributes to the standardization of care pathways, avoids duplication of treatments and improves mutual coordination. This is especially important for patients who are dealing with multiple care pathways. By using Medimapp, patients have a better overview, they can access personalized information and are more involved in their care process.

Medimapp helps to eliminate patient uncertainty, while the care provider is given an instrument that allows them to optimize their healthcare planning and provision.