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Physician: nutrition and lifestyle

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Physician and Lifestyle

Nutrition and lifestyle are increasingly seen as elements that form part of the treatment and prevention of certain disease patterns. The Physician and Lifestyle Association (Arts en Leefstijl) brings together general practitioners and specialists who wish to incorporate these into regular medical science and professional practice. This makes the association an important player in this field as regards the development and exchange of knowledge.

The association emerged from the Nutrition Lives program and has rapidly grown since it was founded in mid-2017. There are currently more than 1,400 members. All its members are medical professionals: mainly general practitioners and, to a lesser extent, medical specialists, nurse practitioners and dietitians. Their goal is to integrate nutrition and lifestyle counselling into their patient care. They organize peer-to-peer training between general practitioners, training and translation of science into practice and education. In addition, special attention is given towards communication and lobbying with the government, the industry, health insurers and towards research in order to further professionalize the subject.

The association is in the start-up phase of organizational development. Supporting the organization means allowing a key player with a wide range of clients and medical domains to grow and contribute towards a broader development in order to use a holistic approach to health to improve "positive health" at lower costs for all Dutch people.


Physician and Lifestyle Association (Arts en Leefstijl)