The cancer clinic on your smartphone

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The number of patients with breast cancer is expected to grow by 50% by 2030. Almost two million women are diagnosed with this illness every year. Many of them will survive thanks to advanced treatment methods. However, this growth in patient volumes is creating new challenges for the healthcare ecosystem.

There are patients who require treatment for troublesome side effects and relapse over the course of many years. In the future, the systematic monitoring of an increasing numbers of patients and their symptoms and recovery will have a major effect on clinical resources.

Noona is a mobile service that gives cancer centers a real-time holistic view of the welfare of its patients. Noona improves the quality of cancer patient care and makes the relationship between the patient and the clinic more personal and meaningful. Clinical staff can respond quickly to serious symptoms and take better care of a much larger numbers of patients. Noona also allows patients to track their own well-being and recovery and stay in close contact with their clinic.


Noona is een succesvolle startende onderneming die steeds meer patiënten, zorgprofessionals en klinieken tot haar klanten kan rekenen.




Zorgprofessionals: artsen en verpleegkundigen




De dienst die wordt geleverd identificeert acute symptomgegevens zodat er direct hulp kan worden geboden. Wanneer er minder ernstige symptomen aanwezig zijn, geeft Noona automatisch de zelfzorg- en bewakingsinstructies van patiënten. Gestructureerde symptoomgegevens en analyses zorgen ervoor dat klinisch werk gepersonaliseerd wordt gedurende het behandelproces.



Jani Ahonala, CEO & Co-Founder van Noona Healthcare Oy vertelt over wat Noona betekent voor 2,000 patiënten, 100 verpleegkundigen en artsen en in 10 ziekenhuizen.