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Faster and better diagnosis?

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A healthier life starts with a good understanding of your health and a tailored advice. The scientifically justified online health check of NIPED provides insight into risks such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, (work) stress, burn-out.

The test results are processed in a personal health report. It also contains advice on lifestyle and a possible doctor's visit. Companies offer the Personal Health Check to their employees. This way, absenteeism is reduced by 20%.

Municipalities also use the Personal Health Check. Residents can get the opportunity to use the instrument.

The Personal Health Check is available 24/7 and consists of a questionnaire on lifestyle, familial risk, medical history, motivation and personal features. The questionnaire can be expanded with online Mental Welfare modules (depression and anxiety problems) and - for municipalities - a local module with questions about a local health issue.

The Personal Health Check now has proven its effect since more than 150,000 participants have partaken.

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De Persoonlijke Gezondheidscheck bereikte inmiddels veel burgers, zorgprofessionals en organisaties (waaronder bedrijven en gemeenten)