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The advantage is divided

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Nijkerk Population Care

The health centers in Nijkerk are aimed at populational healthcare. In other words, the simultaneous implementation of three goals: promoting the health of the population, increasing the quality of healthcare provision and keeping the service affordable.

To achieve this, they work together with the largest insurer in the region (Zilveren Kruis) and with regional hospitals. They also strive for cooperation with service providers in the social field and with the municipality. However, the current financing structure, has a counterproductive effect on this ambition. Performance and illness is paid for, while the population benefits from health and precaution.

The health centers in Nijkerk therefore want to show that an alternative financing structure is possible. Based on the three mentioned objectives, shared savings agreements are made between insurers and healthcare providers. The cost savings achieved by preventing illness and reducing treatment in the second line, are divided among those involved and used to improve the healthcare approach to the population.

In order to finance the costs of this plan, the initiators want to introduce a Health Impact Bond (HIB). This is a sort of loan to the project that can be used to pre-finance the first years of the new working method. When the first savings are realized, the repayment to the investors in the HIB will begin.