Processen - dokter met patient

Faster and better diagnosis?

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Alzheimer Centrum Limburg

To determine whether it is a case of dementia, a patient is examined somatically and neuropsychologically. The latter is done by psychologists, who use a series of tests to this effect. These tests are conducted in controlled and standardized test settings.

Processing the test results and writing the reports is a time-consuming activity and sometimes error-prone. It is mainly 'manual work'. In addition, it is not easy to share the outcome with the patient and their environment.

The Limburg Alzheimer Center, connected to the Maastricht University Medical Center, is working on a solution for such challenges. The goal is to partially support the processing and reporting through the use of software.

As soon as the software has been validated, the other centers that diagnose dementia will also be able to use the solution.

We support this project together with Alzheimer Nederland.