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Kidney transpland and lifestyle

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Lifestyle following a kidney transplant

A healthy lifestyle can significantly extend the lifespan of a transplanted kidney and of patients with kidney problems.

Experience and research have shown that patients are more successful in improving their lifestyle if they have insight into their performance and are guided by a professional to help them understand what it means, combined with other necessary interventions.

As part of this project, 8 academic medical centers, among which the Kidney Foundation and the Kidney Patient Association, shall work together to develop a quality system for measuring, translating, providing feedback on and evaluating lifestyle parameters, including embedding these into regular visits, consultations and quality systems.

There will be coordination and cooperation with the wider community of internists and with developments regarding lifestyle surrounding cardiovascular illness, diabetes, obesity and cancer. The aim is to learn from each other about quantifying health, using this information for a better implementation of lifestyle in both treatment and prevention.


University Medical Centre Groningen