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Competent usage of medical technology

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LeQuest heeft een softwareplatform ontwikkeld waarmee zorgprofessionals kunnen worden getraind in het gebruik van (complexe) medische apparatuur.

Several separate modules have been developed within the platform, in which medical equipment is completely reproduced in a digital way, including the functionalities of the device in question. The healthcare sector is faced with increasing dependence on (complex) medical technology. By using the LeQuest software, a healthcare institution can provide competence management and knowledge management for its staff. The following matters are guaranteed: certification, registration and retraining for specific (complex) medical equipment.


Certified training for working with (complex) medical equipment through the LeQuest training platform can reduce the risk of incorrect human activity, increase the employability of staff and make medical interventions more efficient. The main social impact is to increase safety by maintaining a proper level of knowledge of the staff.



For any queries on this impact investment, please contact Tim Mulder through our secretariat: 0318-596400.