Technology: what is working and why, how and for and by whom?

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The lectorate ICT innovations in health care was founded 8 years ago, at Hogeschool Windesheim. The starting point of the lectorate is that structural embedding of ICT innovations is only achievable if examined from three angles: from the healthcare, technology and implementation perspectives. The research team therefore comprises researchers with training in nursing, ICT, software development, economics, behavioral sciences, design, etc.

Health care will face a lot of challenges in the upcoming years: there are not enough health care providers for the increasing healthcare demand and competition of price and quality is increasing.

In order to cope with this development, the use of technology is necessary. eHealth contributes, for example, to the self-reliance of patients, the optimization of care processes, improving the quality of health care or maintaining it at lower costs and labor. Many companies envision opportunities and therefore develop promising eHealth innovations: portals, sensors, digital files, remote health care, serious gaming, mobile apps, etc. However, healthcare providers are still making little use of this and do not break through innovations. Therefore, the research group is investigating the causes for this. In addition, it provides advice about the application of technology. With the goal of optimizing health care processes with eHealth solutions.

Three research perspectives

The research group regards integrated multidisciplinarity as a unique positioning point for their own research and three perspectives are developed:

Noaber Foundation

We are involved in the lecture because we expect impact from the research and activities, in particular the acceptance and embedding of technology into healthcare processes.