Innovations in the long-term health care

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Fundis, regional development company InnovationQuarter and Noaber Foundation have started incubator fund FundIQare, focused on long-term care. The initiators invest in care innovations that improve the quality of life for vulnerable elderly, chronically ill and/or informal caregivers.

Quality of life

The care for vulnerable elderly people and the chronically ill is under pressure due to the increase in the number of elderly people, who (wish to) live independently for a longer time and the changing welfare state with a retreating government. Innovative solutions can support this vulnerable target group in maintaining their independence and improving the quality of life.

Achieving Innovations

The foundation of FundIQare is in line with the ambitions of the initiators to improve the quality of the health care and service provision for vulnerable elderly and chronically ill people through innovations. By working together with Fundis and InnovationQuarter, we are able to unlock a large user group and to finance and professionalize companies so that they can upscale nationally.

Direct effect

The investments that happen through FundIQare focus primarily on start-ups in long-term care that have a direct effect on the services for vulnerable elderly, chronically ill and caregivers. FundIQare focuses on innovations aimed at living at home for a longer time, promoting self-sufficiency, taking more direct control, strengthening vitality and lust for life and innovations that support caregivers. The interest also focuses on innovations that mobilize vital elderly people and on supporting citizens' initiatives.


FundIQare focuses on start-ups that provide innovative products and/or services that:

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About Fundis
As a network organization, Fundis responds flexibly to the ever-changing (health care) demand. Fundis is continuously expanding, keeping up-to-date or improving the health care and service offer and the business operations. Fundis is not doing this alone. With existing companies within the Fundis group, by adding new companies to the group or by working intensively with partners outside the group. Everything is done with the goal to offer high-quality health care and services for health and well-being to vulnerable elderly and chronically ill people.

About InnovationQuarter

InnovationQuarter is the regional development company in Zuid-Holland. It finances innovative and fast-growing companies. InnovationQuarter organizes and promotes cooperation between innovative entrepreneurs, knowledge institutions and the government. The investment fund of InnovationQuarter - which currently consists of €58 million - offers venture capital to young technology companies and SMEs with expanding plans in the region venture capital to bring innovations to the market