Self-management platform for Rheumatic Artrisis (RA)

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Elsa Science

About 1% of all people worldwide suffer from Rheumatic Arthritis (RA): a chronic autoimmune disease that cannot be cured and causes painful joints, fatigue and stiffness. The effects of RA are often combated with (expensive) medication. A so-called ‘tight control’ system can lead to 40% better treatment outcomes. However, the possibilities for tight control are limited because RA patients only see their doctor once every 3 to 6 months and there is no insight into the patient’s intermediate evolution.

For this purpose, ELSA developed a self-management platform for RA patients focused on lifestyle advice and patient reported outcomes (PROs). Patients can screen for symptoms without having to make an appointment with their doctor. Based on the symptoms the application provides insight into the effect of lifestyle interventions. In addition, the attending doctor can make statements about the dosage/effect of medication based on the PROs and symptoms. ELSA is also preparing a module for pharma companies. In the future the company also wants to develop modules for other diseases, including rheumatic conditions.

So far, the most important markers for RA (pain and fatigue) are showing a downward trend. These results need to be further validated by scientific research.