Monitoring vital functions without contact

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The innovative EarlySense system keeps a close eye on people in a care situation on a 24/7 basis, for example in the hospital, nursing home or in their own homes. With the use of a sensor, which is placed underneath the mattress or under the chair seat, the most important vital signs are measured and tracked continuously and without contact. The display and analysis of the trends of these parameters provides important information to the healthcare provider in order to prevent incidents.

The system measures and registers the heart rate, respiratory frequency and movement activity. It predicts early changes in vital functions and warns when a risky situation arises. The system also provides fall prevention, fast signaling when someone threatens to leave a bed or chair when they should not. Finally, the EarlySense system helps to prevent decubitus.

All of the important functions and trends can be seen on the EarlySense Bedside monitor right beside the bed or it can be - remotely - read on a tablet. Through a central unit, supported by screens, tablets, pagers and other mobile devices, overviews are displayed, and alerts are given. As a result, preventive measures can be taken and the undesirable prevented.

The EarlySense system can be used in hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, independent treatment centers, for home care and hospices.

EarlySense is produced by the Israeli company of the same name that was founded in 2004 by enterprising medical specialists. The goal is to use these systems to improve the care, safety and trust of the patient, to support medical teams and caregivers in their work and to save on healthcare costs.


EarlySense meldt de volgende resultaten die zijn bereikt met de inzet van de oplossingen die zij hebben ontwikkeld.




Ziekenhuis- en thuisverpleegdagen



EarlySense heeft statistische berekeningen gemaakt die de impact van het gebruik van hun oplossing aantonen


Fatale incidenten voorkomen door vroegtijdig alarmeren


Val-preventies door vroegtijdig alarmeren


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Het belang van continue bewaking

Het belang van continue bewaking

Dr. Ralph So van het Albert Schweitzer Ziekenhuis in Dordrecht over het belang van continue bewaking van de vitale functies.