Working on a healthy and inclusive society together

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Digital Health Center


Digital Health Center is the starting point for innovation, the accelerator for innovation in healthcare. Here, healthcare institutions, companies, knowledge institutes and clients work together on promising eHealth innovations that make life more enjoyable. Together we work towards a healthier, inclusive society.

Digital Health Center (DGC) is a privatization of one of the activities of Pluryn. The DHC brings together parties with different backgrounds in a professional manner. Healthcare institutions that see opportunities in eHealth, but who cannot or do not want to keep up with the pace of developments in the digital market. And companies (start-ups) who are eager to test or launch their innovation, but who can use some support when entering the complex healthcare market.

The DHC also involves knowledge institutes in this process and can assess and add to initiatives from different angles. The partners have one agreement: they always focus on the client and want to improve the quality of life.

Health care and innovative technology. A promising combination.

The mission is to make available and accessible all technology in the world for the mentally disabled and Youth Healthcare. And to exploit the possibilities of technological innovation from a client's perspective, so that it leads to more, quickly applicable innovations in terms of self-management and self-sufficiency for everyone.

To achieve this goal, the Digital Health Center has developed five products.

To close the gap between practical and scientific research, the 'Fast Track Science' has been established within the Digital Health Center. For a short period of time, a lot of data is collected about the use of the relevant innovative product in such a way that a statement can be made about the degree of applicability within the mentioned care domains. This way, companies have access to structured feedback from the users of their products. By connecting to this ecosystem, they also gain access to a potential market for healthcare institutions and launching customers.

Noaber Foundation

The mission of the Digital Health Center fits well with our mission and vision: healthy living. That is why we are a partner. We mainly expect impact within the field of independence. In addition, an impact will be achieved on the sector: through collaboration, an acceleration and greater impact in the implementation of eHealth for the VG target group can be achieved. Involving clients in evaluating technical solutions also ensures that useful and appropriate solutions are offered to the target group. The DHC can be an interesting distribution channel for eHealth entrepreneurs: Pilots can be set up in multiple organizations via one channel. The product is therefore immediately more widely known and the conversion to regular users will become easier.

Digital Health Center