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Diagnosis Transformation

The future of Western healthcare is becoming more personal, preventive, participatory and predictable. Among other things, this means that healthcare must meet the specific needs of a patient. There will also be more focus on the prevention of illnesses and disorders. Even while the emphasis in current healthcare is mainly on curing instead of preventing.

This change requires transformation. And technology and leadership play an important role in such transformation. Diagnosis Transformation is a collaborative learning and innovation program. Healthcare professionals and health care administrators share their knowledge, insights and experiences. Literature is being studied. It is reflected and developed. The result: an overview of the insights and a 'toolbox' to get started. As a director, but also as a healthcare professional.

Diagnosis Transformation is the fourth 'diagnosis' product that is founded as an initiative of BeBright. The Noaber Foundation is a partner in this program together with KPN, PinkRoccade and Promedico.


Diagnose Transformatie

Diagnose Transformatie

Monique Phillipens, de projectleider van Diagnose Transformatie, vertelt over de achtergronden van dit project en de beoogde impact ervan.