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Ambient Clinical

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Ambient Clinical

Ambient Clinical Analytics Inc. (ACA) is an American software company. It offers a total of four products that are mainly used in Intensive and Medium Care Units. The main product consists of a decision support application that uses existing data from hospital information systems. This information is extracted and analyzed by validated algorithms in which the risk of developing sepsis (blood poisoning) can be identified and an intervention can be initiated, ultimately reducing the incidence of sepsis.

Sepsis is a very big problem, in particular among physically critical patients, due to detection being difficult (multiple signals indicate the development of sepsis). The condition is often said to be a silent assassin in a Hospital ward. Furthermore, the treatment of sepsis patients is very costly and time-consuming, whereby lowering the risk of incidence will immediately reduce Hospital costs..

By using this software, the medical specialist receives support, which will reduce the prevalence of sepsis and ultimately improve the quality of care provided.

In addition to a sepsis application, the company also provides monitoring applications for general physical deterioration, specifically for patients in critical physical condition.