Peter Haasjes

Investment manager

It motivates me to work together with companies on innovative products and services that we all benefit from. The nice thing about my work is that I come across something new almost every day. That immediately prompts questions; what is needed to make a company successful? To realize social impact, good intentions or inventions often do not suffice, it also involves perseverance, good relationships, clear agreements and realistic expectations regarding success. Social impact and financial return often go hand-in-hand and provide the energy to work in such a way.

I have worked for the Noaber Foundation since 2010 and I am responsible for the investment management of Nextgen Ventures. Prior to this, I worked at an investment company that focused on investments in emerging markets, including private equity and real estate. I also worked for a medical technology company that was in an acquisition process (management buy-out). I studied Business Administration at the University of Groningen.