Matthijs Blokhuis


Active, positive people who take initiative and who want to implement changes with conviction and passion. Changes that contribute towards healthy living. That gives me energy in both my work and life. Fortunately, I can work on a daily basis with enterprising people and teams that are so organized. Our aim is to achieve valuable and sustainable changes and innovations. Innovations that benefit as many citizens, patients, professionals and organizations as possible, and that make them live healthier. And making use of new technological possibilities; actually, doing so, and not just theoretical views.

With our team, we help the initiators of these projects and participations to connect conviction and passion to realism and practical solutions. The fact that I can lead that team makes me proud. It is challenging to get the best out of people without losing sight of the goal. And above all, building a good relationship in which we can trust each other and celebrate and experience highs and lows together.

My realism comes from the international economy degree that I completed in Utrecht and my first job as a consultant at Accenture. It was mainly about efficiency and effectiveness with large companies. By nature, I am also a person who prefers ratio rather than emotion. But, at Royal Haskoning, I worked on projects in remote areas of Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe, to which I felt very connected. As I do with Noaber's projects and participations.