Maarten Fischer

Programma manager

In my opinion, my time on earth is limited, so I do everything I can to use that time as efficiently as possible, to improve the quality of life of as many people as possible. I look at the world around me in the most holistic and objective manner possible, and then I look for the concrete steps that can lead to significant and lasting improvements.

After studying Econometrics and Operations Research & Management at the Erasmus University and the University of Amsterdam, I was briefly active in the world of process auditing in the world of large public and private infrastructure projects. However, my interest in the social relevance of agriculture, led me to a path where I could play a role in the professionalization of the so-called Multifunctional Agriculture; from establishing a national cooperative to leading a Taskforce that has given this sector a strong impulse. Working in Multifunctional Agriculture strengthened my passion for creating business models that solve social problems, often by making new and surprising connections. In my opinion, health and healthcare are one of the most important social and economic challenges of our time. From 2012 onwards, I have consciously focused on healthcare; and, more specifically, on the world of independence, lifestyle medicine and community-based living.

For 5 years I had the opportunity to contribute towards system changes in the United States - and towards growth - in home care as COO of A Plus Healthcare in Montana. At A Plus Healthcare, I have also developed the first healthcare farming program in the US, based on the Dutch model; because it did not exist until then, but also to show in a concrete manner, how holistic programs of purpose can influence prevention and health. Over the years, I often encountered Noaber in my work and I returned to The Netherlands and in the Summer of 2017, I gratefully joined the team. My diversified background converged in a great way.