Carl Verheijen

Director Innovation and Knowledge

Driving change, Improving health. That is the mission we formulated as a Noaber Foundation. Transitions in healthcare require structural and incidental cooperation in which relevant stakeholders, each of whom in turn, often collaborate with others and thus contribute to improving health.

The question we have asked ourselves is whether it is possible to stimulate the development of a 'natural ecosystem for a healthy Netherlands' that is independent of individual interests, which is powerful and will be seen as the joint 'Health Developer' of the Netherlands.

Together with my colleagues I will look for answers to this question. I want to give form and content to that ecosystem.

As Director of Knowledge and innovation I will use my expertise, insights, ideas and personal motivation in a careful and passionate way. My goal is to start connecting, sharing and building. We are going to ensure that knowledge is collected and shared. And wherever possible, together with the team of the Noaber Foundation, I will look for innovations that promote health and change the way they start.