What is the Kavelmodel?

The Kavelmodel makes it possible to organize, finance and monitor health differently in a certain area or region (the so-called Kavel), together with the parties and stakeholders involved. The Kavelmodel facilitates residents to make healthier choices, healthcare professionals to get back to the essence of their work in which they can put people first, and system players to grow with sustainable financing to a system in which health and not care is paramount.

A Kavel is an exact geographically defined area such as a municipality, city or district. This area meets a number of preconditions:

  • A clearly demonstrable improvement in the health of the inhabitants is possible

  • There is sufficient citizen participation

  • There is a potential for savings

  • There is a crisis/urgency regarding bottlenecks in the health care system

  • There is already an existing cooperation structure between local parties

  • Other funding models can be introduced

For more information about the lot model: see the website of HealthKIC.

A video about the Kavel model: