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An agenda for changes

We all know about the social, physical and emotional challenges in our lives. If we can adapt to them and can continue to take care of our own life, then we are 'healthy'.

Our innovation agenda consists of a couple of chapters. Firstly, vitality:vitalitywe should try to stay healthy. Subsequently, independence:independenceif we are then confronted with illness, we want to be able to continue maintaining immediate control. Because we are in contact with health professionals (and they are in contact with each other), it is important that the processesbetween them and us run smoothly. Of course this requires certain conditions. And those also capture our attention and interest.

In addition, we realize that healthy living is partly determined by the extent to which we (can) utilize the Healthcare system. Do we have access to professionals? Are the costs associated with our health reimbursed by insurers? But that too, is not decisive. The food we eat, the built environment we live in and the (lack of) work also affect our health. That is why we have incorporated this holistic view on 'healthy living' in our innovation agenda.