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The 2016 Annual Report & Account summarizes the Foundation's policy and gives an impression of the decisions that were taken in 2016 regarding expenditures and, in a number of cases, ending them.

Regarding the policy, the annual report states that 2017 will be a transition year. Among other things, this means that changes will be made to the structure of our organizations. The goal of these changes: simplification, more transparency and a greater impact.

However, the vision upon which our activities are based remains unchanged. We strive to support solutions that support a longer healthy life. The innovation agenda that we have composed for that, remains the guiding principle of our expenditures. Expenses that can take place as donations or investments. In our work, we strive for structural, strategic cooperation with parties that recognize themselves in this vision.

The mission of the Noaber Foundation also remains unchanged: noabership stays a guiding theme and it involves stimulating change and improving health: driving change, improving health.