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Health Care Enablers 2018

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Health Care Enablers 2018

We proudly present the 2018 edition of Healthcare Enablers!

Being able to adapt quickly to (technological) developments in the outside world, adopting changes and translating them into care processes and care design are crucial. Healthcare professionals and administrators often struggle with the question of which technologies to adopt and when. The supply is overwhelming and what really contributes to the quality, accessibility and affordability of care? And how do we weigh quality gains against the investment and costs of a new technology?

Making that choice starts with up-to-date knowledge about healthcare technology. The development of new technological applications in healthcare continues unabated. With 'Healthcare Enablers 2018' BeBright has listed the most important technological developments in healthcare for the upcoming years. With an overview of all major developments and practical examples, the authors hope to inspire professionals and managers in healthcare. In addition to definitions, examples and market prognoses, this year the publication is focusing more on the process of development and on the implementation in practice. Patients, doctors and researchers share their experiences with healthcare technology.

The digital publication can now be downloaded for free from website We hope that the technologies and the examples in this publication inspire you to successfully renew your organization. We look forward to the discussions and invite you to share your inspiration, examples and experiences with us.