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Ambient Clinical Analytics Inc. Secures $1.5M Additional Funding to Fuel its Rapid Expansion

Ambient Clinical Analytics, a spin-off digital health company from Mayo Clinic has secured $1.5M of additional funding in order to boost the current expansion of its critical care monitoring software products. The company has successfully attracted its first European investor, Noaber Ventures, the impact investment arm of Noaber Foundation, in order to support the company in expanding its activities internationally and reaching more patients.

The company was founded in 2014 by its current CEO, Allen Berning, and five Mayo Clinic clinicians, and is based in the Mayo Clinic Accelerator in Rochester, MN.  Under the AWARE™ brand, the company offers several patient monitoring software solutions using real-time analytics technology licensed from Mayo Clinic.  AWARE™ Critical Care is a clinical decision support system that reduces information overload by using analytics to filter for relevant patient data and provide timely, actionable information. The software interacts with the Electronic Medical Records in a vendor agnostic way, and applies automated algorithms in order to reduced errors, lower health care costs, and increase patient outcomes in critical care and emergency room settings.  The companies Sepsis DART™ product which detects and provides digital guidance for treating sepsis has strong demand, partly because of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) focus on improving sepsis treatment through upcoming CMS Sep-1 reporting.      

The company has previously obtained FDA Class II Clearance, has established a cooperation agreement with Bring Spring Meehealth in China and has established several other leading distribution agreements around the world in order to reach more patients.

“The company is making great progress, and interest is rising nationwide from large system hospitals.  We feel we are well positioned to make Ambient Clinical Analytics the market leader when it comes to real-time analytics based clinical decision support solutions.  With the additional funding we are now able to actively focus on the European continent and expand our business”, according to Allen Berning, CEO of Ambient Clinical Analytics Inc.

“We are seeing many investment opportunities within digital health, however, only a few have the ability to create meaningful results for patients by increasing patient outcome and systematically reducing costs. We believe Ambient has a proper validated product and the right kind of people onboard to actually create such impact. Having seen the value Ambient brings through its implementation at Mayo Clinic, we are confident Ambient will deliver its impact at a global scale”, Matthijs Blokhuis, Managing Director of Noaber Ventures.

Among its current investors Social Capital, Bluestem Capital and Mayo Clinic joined the additional funding round.

About Ambient Clinical Analytics

Ambient Clinical Analytics sells powerful real-time bedside healthcare data assimilation, communication, and analytics based clinical decision support tools that support the general hospital floor, Emergency Department, ICU and other critical care areas. Our business model is supported by software license fees, SaaS, Cloud and system integration revenue. Ambient Clinical Analytics has an MD and executive team with strong track records in medicine, clinical research and informatics, medical products and IT. Additional information about Ambient Clinical Analytics and AWARE indications for use can be found by visiting: